May 24

Italian Wholesale Silver Jewelry Is Coming Into Style

Nowhere on Earth can you find more master craftsmen of jewelry than in Italy; in fact, Italian wholesale silver jewelry is just starting to get ‘noticed’ by the international community. Every country in the world produces ornamental adornment of some type, but few can hold a candle to Italy’s passion and history of jewelry design. Italians invented the art of using jewelry to communicate ones’ social status and community affiliation, and they have remained on the forefront of jewelry creation ever since.

While typically Italian jewelry is gold-based, recently, more and more Italian jewelry designers are starting to use silver creations to exemplify their art. Stefani Argento, for example, uses entirely sterling silver for his creative designs. In the precious-stone-jewelry capital of the world, Valenza, sterling is rapidly becoming a common element in many remarkable designers’ repertoires. To those who know where to get it, Italian wholesale silver jewelry is becoming quite the commodity.

Every year, Italian jewelry designers consume 500 tons of gold — but 1,400 tons of pure sterling silver. Over forty thousand people work for the Italian silver working industry. This came about because of a coincidence of the market: very high-quality silver came available in Italy from the East about the same time that a huge demand for silver jewelry reached it from the West. Today, Italy is the center of the European jewelry industry, and Italian wholesale silver jewelry has become a cornerstone of the market.

Today’s trend in Italian wholesale silver jewelry is over sizing pieces. While gold jewelry is still classically delicately-wrought, today’s silver jewelry is designed to get noticed, with angular and chunky shapes sharing the same piece with soft curves and graceful swoops. Italian wholesale silver jewelry designers are currently experimenting with a huge variety of materials as well, combining sterling

May 23

Silver 925 Jewellery ! Perfect Metal For Jewellery Manufacturing Process

Silver the popular metal from ancient time for production of Different items from household article to Jewellery. & from centuries it is still the same the reason behind is elementary. Silver is pure & ideal to manufacture Jewellery & it’s the exclusively & value in it. The very elderly trend indicate that silver 925 prices are keep increasing from the very past. If you look in term of India in some area people use silver 925 coin as money. they use to make Ring , Earring , pendant, Bracelet , Necklaces & brooches.

When they tell in term for Silver Jewellery now days it is segmented in one type of Jewellery. First is plain silver 925. Jewellery of 925 sterling silver Jewellery because only texture, hammered & other effects has been given to make jewelry. From centuries this form is keep changing. Now days people make designer silver 925 Jewellery like leaf, animal, natural pattern on Jewellery.

Second pattern is Silver Jewellery studded with real precious & semiprecious gemstones. there is vast type of natural gemstone are obtainable like garnet, citrine , amethyst , peridot , iolite , rainbow , labrodorite, blue topaz, rose quartz, black onyx & precious stones like diamond , ruby , emerald, diamond , sapphire are also use. By using these stones it work primary as fashion & trendy silver 925 Jewellery . & secondary people also love to use them & wear them as birthstone silver 925 Jewellery.

Third patter in silver 925 Jewellery made with glass, Swarovski & cubic zirconium. In this it is studded with stones but they are affordable & best quality looking gemstone. For very large production it is used. They look like same as natural stones. But they are very affordable.

999 silver is purest form

May 23

Beginner’s Gold Investment – 2 Tips For You

The gold investment market has been around for ages. As a beginner, if you are planning on investing in gold, it is imperative to first understand many aspects including factors that affect gold price.

1.Price Of Gold

*London Gold Fixing is the benchmark that sets the price of gold. Five top bullion trading firm representatives meet twice a day to set the price. Apart from this, as the gold trading markets open and close through the day around the world, intra-day spot price based active gold trading takes place.

*Supply and demand hugely governs the gold price just like all other commodities and investments. As compared to other investments hoarding and liquidating plays a major role in gold trading as there is a potential for all gold ever mined to flood the market at the correct price.

*Another factor that affects the price of gold is change in sentiment. There is a big quantity of gold hoarded above ground and this rules the sentiment more than the annual production of the metal. Many purchase gold for emotional reasons such as supporting a political ideal or fearing depression. Investors on the other hand purchase gold as a diversification method.

2.Ways To Invest In Gold

There are many ways to invest in gold. You can purchase gold coins, gold ETF certificates, mining stock, options or futures and gold accounts.

*For beginners, the best way to invest in gold is to buy gold coins. As compared to other forms of gold investing such as gold ETF expense rations, futures speculation, option timing and undue leverage, buying gold coins is very simple. Just pay the money and you will have the gold.

*After you have gained experience in gold trading, you can venture into gold mining stocks. You

May 22

Some Facts To Consider Before Gifting Diamond Ring This Valentines Day

Since long, there has been a custom of presenting an engagement ring as a symbol of Marriage. For the ancient Greeks, diamonds were considered as fragments of stars fallen on Earth. Diamonds are the symbol of fidelity and love, thus the tradition of giving a diamond jewel at the time of commitment has been preserved. The couple in love is very fond of presenting something on the Valentines Day, the day of love. What could be better than a diamond ring that will make the moment unforgettable for both for years!

Mother Nature has given us these rare and exceptional stones, born from the strength and the high temperatures inside the crust. Diamonds consist of pure carbon atoms arranged in a cubic arrangement which gives them their extraordinary hardness.

The diamonds have three extraordinary qualities due to which women consider diamonds as their best friends:

1.The quality of reflecting light. When cut, the diamonds catch the light and retain within themselves, and emit the light as a shower of fire and brilliance.
2.It is the purest gem.
3.The hardest known substance on earth, which makes it the best candidate to create jewellery.


A perfect diamond does not have any blemish, line or small pieces of coal, and is very rare to find. These imperfections, also called “inclusions” are microscopic, which are visible by diamond experts and powerful magnifying glasses; however these imperfections do not hinder the passage of light through the stone, and also does not affect her true beauty!

The round cut diamonds are the most popular these days that one can gift to his/her beloved. There are several ways to cut; the brilliant cut is the most popular, which is round. There are also other sizes such as marquise, emerald cut, princess, bob square, heart

May 21

Silver Bangles And Gold Bangles- The Basics Of Gold Jewelry

Silver bangles are the most versatile type of fashion jewelry which one can even think of. The best part of it is that it can be worn any time and irrespective of any particular occasion, this piece of jewelry is extremely versatile. Versatility is high simply because this particular piece of jewelry has a neutral look. Silver is a neutral color and this coloration is suitable for particular occasions. Pure silver bangles have been worn by various civilizations from a very long time in history. Indian jewelry has a long history and silver bangles are another addition to this list of inexpensive jewelry items. The basic designs are plain silver bangles which are without any visible form of ornamentation. Hence it is one particular style which is considered to be very sober and soft. Sobriety and silver bangles can easily be linked with each other since the very color is such that it would merge with everything. A neutral colored silver bangle is the best match for every occasion.

Silver bangle bracelets are another category of silver bangles which are in vogue. The basic difference is in the design of silver bangle bracelets. Beaded silver bracelets is a sought after design. This particular design is in high demand since various additional designs can easily be implemented through this particular type of design.

gold jewellery is incomplete without gold jewelry and gold jewelry is something which has no parallels. One can have substitutes but nothing can match gold jewelry due to its splendid designs and ornamentation. Gold jewelry is a bigger domain which includes everything which a person can associate with in the field of gold jewelry. Hence gold jewelry and gold bangles are very relevant terms if one considers these two to be important fashion trendsetters.


May 20

Sterling Silver Jewelry The Everlasting Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry always has been one of the most sought after type of jewelry out there and chances are that it will remain so well into the foreseeable future. Silver, apart from being absolutely gorgeous to look at is also cost-effective, indeed sterling silver jewelry is always way cheaper than gold or platinum and that has made it a favorite amongst the general populace.

Throughout history some form of jewelry has always been more popular than the other; however Sterling Silver Jewelry on the other hand has the distinct privilege of being liked almost throughout. Sterling Silver has been cast into beautiful shapes in all sorts of sizes and this trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Silver has also been more widely accepted than any other metal.

Is Silver Somehow Unworthy?

Many people are given to the impression that silver is an unworthy metal for some reason. This reason is something that escapes them as well. Fact is that people simply put up silver against gold in terms of price and simply declare that it must be somehow qualitatively inferior to it; in fact silver is often called the poor mans gold. While it is true that Silver comes at a lower cost than gold, it cannot be disputed that it offers a great luster at a great price.

Also most people are not so picky about what they wear as long as it is of a decent quality, sports a good design and most importantly is well within their reach. While Gold is something of the occasional jewelry that you buy and wear only now and then, Silver on the other hand is something that you can put on every day.

Silver is also easier to maintain when compared to Gold

May 20

A Good Time To Sell Silver

In these tough times, everyone seems to be just a bit short at the end of the day. We all seem to be looking for a way to get that little income boost. One way that you can bring in some extra cash is to sell silver. Gold and silver prices are at historic highs, so, it really would be a good time to consider looking into this, and you really can make some extra cash if you sell silver. With prices at a premium you can definitely turn a profit with old jewelry and coins in the current market conditions.

We all have a few pieces of old or broken jewelry that we no longer want or use, so why not check it out? You could sell silver for some extra cash to an online broker and have those bills caught up in no time at all. is one online buyer that is owned by a public company and this is a place that you can sell silver and gold. Request a free submission pack and get cash on the way within 24 hours, it’s as easy as pie.

If you sell silver to a pawn shop, you will likely get a much lower price, than from an online buyer. Online buyers usually have their own refinery and therefore offer much better prices to those who want to sell silver or gold. Let’s face it, we are looking for the most money from the items, and if we sell silver, then we certainly would like the best offer for our items, and now is the time for the best offer.

When you sell silver or gold online, you get a guarantee whereas if you do not like the price, you do not have to accept it and are

May 19

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring – Some Quick Tips.

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring – five quick tips.

I’ve received a lot of questions about cushion cut diamond engagement rings and how to not get screwed and save money.

So here are five quick tips.

Number one – what exactly is a cushion cut? As you know, there are four C’s to evaluate a diamond ring. The color, the carat, the clarity, and the cut. I’ll explain them to you in a few minutes, but one of them is the cut. The cut is really how the diamond itself is cut. There are multiple different kinds of cuts, and one of them is called the cushion cut. Now, why is it called the cushion cut? Well really, it looks like a pillow if you’d like. It’s one of the oldest cuts. In fact, it was very popular in the 1900s. At that time, the technology to do the cutting of the diamond was not as advanced as today. So this is why these diamonds have 60 facets, meaning around 20 facets less than the other cuts. So, it creates diamonds that have “less sparkle”.

Which, brings me to the second tip, the color. The color relates to the fact that some diamonds are really, really white and some diamonds are more “yellowish”. Of course, the whiter a diamond, the more value it has. Unfortunately, a lot of the cushion cut diamonds are more in the “yellowish category”, so make sure if you’re going to buy a cushion cut diamond that it is still well graded on the color criteria.

Tip number three is you can pay less money playing with the carat. The carat is the weight of the diamond. Instead of paying for a two carat engagement ring, pay for a 1.95 or 1.90. To

May 18

Add A Dash Of Contemporary Touch With Meenakari Jewellery And Kundan Jewellery

Women across the globe since immortal are jewelry obsessed and the craze is equal among men too. Jewelry is the most integral and inevitable part of the womens lifestyle since ages. Gone are the days of being subtle, simple today its about being bold, being glamorous and looking absolutely stylish. This season the trend of traditional designs have made a comeback and are the hot picks everywhere in the world. Meenakari Jewellery, and kundan jewellery have come back with an makeover this season and is the most preferred jewelry at present across the globe.

Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari jewelry has enamel on it of different colors like red, blue, green, with designs on it. The cut the design everything is special about Meenakari and reflects Rajasthani style. Off late many designers are using their creativity with this jewelry and you can find this in various metals like black metal, gold, silver diamonds, platinum, etc.

So if you are budget constraint you can go for artificial or silver Meenakari jewelry which looks absolutely pretty and suits on any type of attire whether you wear ethnic or western outfits. One can find huge collection of Meenakari Jewellery to wear and even Temple jewellery online. Decorate your temple in home with colorful Meenakari temple jewelry like diyas, plates with Meenakari work, boxes, etc.

Kundan jewelry

Kundan jewelry is the most attractive jewelry that is always in vogue, this is used mostly in weddings, and other formal events. Kundans are gemstones that are embedded in jewelry to enhance the overall look of the jewelry. This type of kundan jewellery originated in Rajasthan but now is popular around the world. In this type of jelwery kundans of different shapes, colors sizes are found which gives a hue range of choice to the customers.


May 18

The Maintenance Of The Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling silver beads are universally known for their timeless beauty and coveted by all. They are used to make different kinds of jewelry and artifacts. They make excellent presents and are cherished by the recipients. You can impress or please people who matter by gifting them articles made up of sterling silver.

It is a relatively difficult task to take care of silver beads. Let us look at the methods to clean silver. Put the silver beads inside a sealed container when not in use. Wooden boxes will do. However, plastic bags are preferred and they cost less as well. The atmosphere is the main culprit in tarnishing silver beads. That is why it is necessary to store them in sealed containers to avoid contact with the air. Remember to keep them away from objects of other metals because they may damage the silver.

You should regularly polish and clean the silver beads and the silver jewelry. Contrary to the popular perception you do not need costly polishing or cleaning solutions. Avoid using abrasive materials to clean the silver as it might damage the jewelry. It is recommended that you use a soft and clean piece of cloth to remove any kind of dirt which appears on the silver jewelry.

A word of caution – do not use any polishing or cleaning solutions which have strong chemicals in it to avoid damage to the sterling Silver Bali Beads. The problem of tarnishing silver jewelry is inversely proportional to the purity of the silver. Salt is found to be having a corrosive effect on sterling silver.

Valuable silver jewelry are normally hand polished. Professional silver repair jewelers use wheel polishing in severe cases of corrosion or tarnish. Many products have been invented to remove sulphur from silver jewelry without causing damage

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