Nov 21

Silver Jewelry Makes Your Skin Turn Green

Sometimes, silver jewelry ever left greenish or black marks on your skin. It commonly happened as a reaction between our skin and the metals used in jewelry, especially when the jewelry touches areas that perspire.

Actually, jewelry is not pure silver or gold but rather it is an alloy or mixed metal. Pure silver or gold (defined as at least 24k) takes longer to chemically react. Normally, if it does react it doesn’t leave a green mark. Rather, it leaves a black smudge or gold or silver smudge. However, if it isn’t pure, and is comprised mostly of copper or iron then it is more likely to create a green mark as a metallic reaction to the air or other substance. Copper reacts, oxidizes behaves in ways that can affect your skin in essence it is the copper that causes the silver blemishes, not the silver. Then chemical changes in the body can affect the metallic reaction of your jewelry causing a discoloration on the skin.

Sterling silver more commonly contains a small percentage of copper. If you were to wear a pure silver ring you would find that it would knick very easily, bend in some cases, and tarnishes. Sterling silver is has a 7.5% copper makeup and it cannot be called sterling if those components arent complete yet. There are many reasons why jewelry turns green. But one thing is true, it is the definitely the result of a reaction. Once you begin to test out each of these factors, you can figure out what it is and possibly how to prevent it.

Makeup particles could be breaking down the metallic substances in your jewelry or the green of coloration is not harmful. Do not take a glance to your finger which turn green, just wash your hand

Nov 21

Silver Price Explosion

Silver Price Explosion

The price explosion of silver awaits the firing of its short fuse. The global supply of silver teeters in a fragile balance. According to market surveys, four large institutions are naked short 32,000 contracts of silver equivalent to the annual silver production of Mexico and Peru. That translates to about 160 million ounces of silver which exceed all visible silver inventory in the world.

The position limits in silver have been blatantly infringed upon for so long it could not transpire without the complicity of the two ruling bodies (the CFTC and COMEX), charged to police the commodity markets. Apparently this collusion was intended to depress the price of silver. Silver supply history needs not be invoked for the rank and file to conclude that silver price is being obscenely suppressed.

The issue though is the humongous disparity between the 160 million ounces shorted by the four large institutions and the silver available to cover these short positions. Do the math. COMEX has only 100 million ounces in inventory, most of which are already owned by silver investors. If there is a silver demand for delivery against these bloated short positions, the manipulators will be facing the mother of all short squeeze. COMEX will default on delivery of silver they don’t have. The shorts will be forced to buy from wherever they can find them. Silver will come to the market, sure, but at what price. Before anyone knows it, blastoff in the silver price!

Silver investing is no designer investment like the dotcoms. But when the silver disaster unfolds, the impact will easily surpass that prodigious event. The crucial juncture in this silver spectacle approaches with certainty. It is essential for investors to grasp the magnitude of the silver situation and position themselves early to participate abundantly in

Nov 20

Fred Bennett – Men’s Jewellery

Men’s jewellery has come into its own in the last few years. There has been a move away from the bling bling culture of the nineties and now there are stylish, subtle pieces of jewellery for men that are far more appealing. Style for men has developed a more refined attitude than it had. Many men are now choosing to own a signature piece of jewellery. Jewellery for men tends to be designed around a small selection of styles with subtle variations. For example the dog tag, worn by celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Jamie Foxx. Military in origin dog tags are masculine expressions of style. Different tags made by designers like Hot Diamonds, Fred Bennett or Police have enough individuality to create a different look whilst adhering to the masculine stereotypes fostered by the military association.

Fred Bennett Jewellery is a collection that is inspired by a combination of classic and contemporary design. Smooth lines and clean design characterise the collection, but it is by no means a dull range of jewellery. The Fred Bennett range is drawn together in the centre of fashionable London, the designers are superbly placed to take advantage of the city’s influential fashion scene. The artistic vibrancy of the city is evident in the Fred Bennett jewellery collection; the range is full of texture and interesting shapes that draw the eye and give the wearer a unique style.

Two of the most popular pieces of Fred Bennett Jewellery are the black woven leather magnetic clasp bracelet and the highly polished squared torque bangle. Both pieces reflect the essential masculinity of the collection whilst being part of modern style which is right on trend. The Fred Bennett range also has a selection of men’s sterling silver jewellery. Precious metal jewellery has lasting

Nov 20

Gold Prices On The Rise For Christmas

Gold has become the number one investment during the last months and things are not looking to change in the near future. It is clear that the glittering metal is one of the best choices that we could be making these days. Investing in 1kg gold bars, gold bullion coins, gold mining shares or gold ETFs represent only part of the many gold products that can be found online and that can be a very good investment choice.

For some time now, the gold market has been fluctuating and this is why there have been lots of investors worried about the outcome for the glittering metal. What is important to understand at this point is that this precious metal is never going to lose its value as no matter how many economic problems will be around. There have been some savvy investors that have remained interested in gold even through the inflation is higher than ever, the governments dont seem to be able to manage the entire situation and the debts keep piling up.

Those that thought that gold prices will sink were wrong again as this doesn’t seem to be in the cards, at least not for now. Gold has been through a harsh correction period that was long overdue and it seems that know the glittering metal has come out stronger than before. Taking a good look at the charts and the precious metal data it is obvious that until Christmas we will see another rise in the gold sector for precious metals.

What is very obvious is that if the glittering metal reaches the $1,900 per ounce we will never be able to invest in gold at the prices that are currently on the market. If the financial analysts are correct, this time next

Nov 19

Gold for Cash-How to Get The True Value For Your Precious Metal

Since ages gold has been quite popular as a precious metal among the masses. Most of the people decide to sell gold for cash during their tough financial times. However, ignoring hurdles occurred on the way of selling scrap gold jewelry might cause a big problem for someone. This is because you are not always supposed to acquire the true value for the items that you have to sell. There are a plethora of companies out there over the online market claiming to offer you the best value for your gold items. Remember; don’t need to rely on all of them since only few of the buyers are honest and stick to their commitments for value offerings. To avoid common pitfalls in choosing the buyer, you are best advised to have a look at the article given below:

1.Returning the gold-First and foremost, you need to make sure that what the policy of the company says when you decide to return your gold item in case the buying can’t be done properly.

2.Satisfied sellers-Obviously, the positive feedback of the customers towards the company helps you find out the best buyer in the gold market. Simply put, a fair dealer is always supposed to have more positive comments while negative reviews given about the company helps you enquire about the bad reputation of the company in the market.

3.Year of service of the company-A company with years of experience might cheat your trust. So, experience should not be the only criteria for choosing the company to sell your gold for cash. These days, there are numbers of new companies offering quality service to their clients.

4. Contact Numbers-A telephone number helps maintain the credibility of a gold buyer. Therefore, always try to make a deal with the one that can

Nov 19

Different Ways to Gain Cash for Gold

Although many ordinary consumers may not believe, it is possible to gain some quick cash with the gold they own. Many consumers do not feel that they have any gold but a closer look would reveal various possibilities to secure cash from their gold pieces.

Sources for gold

One of the best sources to get cash for gold is from gold scraps. These refer to old gold jewelry which many consumers may not wear often but kept under lock and key. They may not understand the potential of their unused gold jewelry but the truth of the matter is a high and lucrative ROI with the currently high gold price.

Old jewelry may be sidelined with the newer gold trends in the market. Most consumers who have a passion and flair for gold jewelry tend to keep close pace with the changing gold jewelry styles and designs. However, it may be costly to keep buying new gold jewelry unless one is affluent. Hence, it is proper to cash old gold jewelry to purchase newer gold designs and styles.

There are many sources for old gold jewelry which can be converted to cash easily. It can be an old gold watch or class ring that is no longer in use.

Cashing in

Old gold jewelry and gold electronics can be changed to cash easily through the myriad of gold traders in the market. There are many professional and reliable gold trading companies in the market that would offer a fair price for the gold regardless of the quantum if the quality is high.

This form of securing cash for gold is lucrative for those in dire need of fast cash. Selling gold pieces through gold jewelry and electronics offer a simple way to get

Nov 18

Silver Jewelry the Choice of Fashion Lady

Unique Design Could Highlight the Character of Silver. Silver itself is soft material and quite plastic which are beneficial to the birth of a specially designed silver jewelry and could better able to meet the individual pursuit of young people nowadays. Even identical design, it could create different kinds of styles after wear in different part.

Actually, the wearing of silver jewelry can do as one pleases, such as if one people choose two “leaf” pendants, he could hang one on neck to seem more fashion and the other leaf could hang on the phone which add bright in simple style.

In young people’s opinion, silver jewelry don’t like gold jewelry and diamond jewelry, it just show a simple fashion in the stars, feathers, butterflies, leaves, dolphins, etc., to grasp the changes in lines. Besides, silver jewelry is comparative cheaper than gold, diamond or other metal jewelry that is also the reason why silver more attractive among young people. The people who like costume match usually have several types of necklaces, bracelets or earrings and so on. Choose the jewelry depend on the needs of clothing or the changes of mood and let them speak out your feeling.

And now, the silver jewelry are gradually to the public and the designs becomes more close to elegant, and the consumer group is not limited to youth but more other people after the emergence of exquisite silver jewelry boutique.

Currently, the “925 silver jewelry” is one of the best selling for its beautiful design and careful work. Some brands silver jewelry among 925 silver are tend to streamlined, general, sexy in graceful and do not exaggerated national characteristics, rough lines. They just reveal light of wisdom within the low-key feeling.

Silver jewelry are worthy for people to own and they will become

Nov 17

How To Take Care Of Your Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is often a mix of another metal with silver, because silver in its pure form is too soft. Because of this mixture silver jewellery often succumbs to the elements and can get tarnished. It is a thin layer of corrosion that forms on silver, aluminum, and other similar metals. This is visually unappealing because it makes jewellery look patchy.

However, with the right kind of care and cleaning, your silver jewellery will look its best for a long time. Some handy tips you can use to clean and maintain your jewellery are listed out below.

Taking Care of Your Silver Jewellery

1. Even though there are many products on the market available for cleaning silver jewellery, tarnished pieces of jewellery can be easily cleaned by washing it with warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid mixed in it. If this is done often, the chances of your jewellery developing dark tarnishes are very slim.

2. Silver jewellery that has pearls or gemstones that are soft in nature should not be immersed in water. This can damage the polish of the stone, or can erode it. Using a moist cotton swab or a cotton cloth dipped in diluted dishwashing liquid soap and wiping your silver jewellery with it is very useful. After this, wipe the jewellery with a damp cotton swab to get rid of the soap.

3. If the silver jewellery does not have soft gemstones or pearls, it is safe to immerse the jewellery in water mixed with liquid dishwashing soap and rub it gently with your fingers or cotton swabs. A baby toothbrush with soft bristles can be used for more rigorous cleaning. After washing the Sterling silver jewellery, you should rinse the piece thoroughly with warm water. After this, make sure you dry

Nov 17

Fight Inflation By Buying Gold

These financial times seem to going from bad to worse and nothing seems to change in the near future. So what can happen if the markets crash, what can we do in case all paper currency lose their value? Well, the all hell would break lose. So what can be done in these times of financial instability? The answer to this question is rather simple: Invest in precious metals!

Yes, the glittering metal seems to be our salvation in times of hard financial times. There is nothing worse than putting all your eggs in the same nest. This is why you should diversify your portfolio and invest in various assets that can save you.

The financial world is not doing pretty well therefore not only people are investing in gold but also banks and countries. China and India are just some of the biggest top players when it comes to investing in gold. In China investing in gold was for a very long time forbidden for the people but as of recent developments in the economy, people have started to be encouraged to buy gold.

And why shouldnt we? There are lots of easy ways in which you can invest in gold such as gold shares, gold coins, gold bullion and so on. Therefore you can choose to invest in gold from the comfort of your own home and there would be no problem with this. As long as you are buying your gold from an authorized dealer there is no problem whatsoever.

The glittering metal is known as a very good hedge against inflation, therefore whenever the economy is doing bad, the price of god rises. Those that have or will invest in gold have and will make lots of money because of the discrepancies between the paper

Nov 16

The Ashoka Diamond Ring – A Legacy Of Love

Despite what many advertisers would have you believe, there is nothing rare about the common industrial diamond found in so many jewelry stores’ display cases. Diamonds are available in relative abundance in nature, but the jewelry industry has leveraged an economic principle known as the Scarcity Principle”creating the perception that diamonds are rare, which in turn drives consumers’ demand and desire for ownership. Unlike your run-of-the-mill diamond jewelry, however, the trademarked Ashoka diamond ring from William Goldberg Diamonds is an actual rarity, valuable for its stunning artistry, its trademarked sixty-two faceted cut, and even its name, resonating with history and redolent with intrigue.
The inspirational history behind the Ashoka cut diamond ring begins in an Indian mine which produced a spectacular forty-one Karat diamond in the third century. Its remarkable size, its unusual elongated shape, and the dazzling multi-faceted cut imposed on the gem by an unknown artist whose skill remains unsurpassed for his time, launched the legendary level of interest in this gem. The diamond was named in honor of a celebrated warrior-king of the Buddhist nation”a man whose Buddhist wisdom brought together a country, and whose name, bestowed on the gem, translated to mean “without sorrow.” The famous diamond changed hands a multitude of times across the centuries, not always without sorrow in its history, and eventually stood to serve as the inspiration for the William Goldberg Diamonds creation which now carries its name.
It was more than half a century ago that William Goldberg Diamonds unveiled and trademarked its own stunning Ashoka design, catapulting the Ashoka cut diamond ring to the position of one of the most desirable items of jewelry available in the world. Even among those for whom extravagant jewels are not a startling sight, the Ashoka diamond ring draws admiring eyes for

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